Site Monitoring

Setting the Configuration

Wizard - Start Page

This is the entry page for creating a new monitoring configuration.

Before you can use Site Vigil you need to choose where to put the configuration and analysis files that SiteVigil uses.

In the Pro version the analysis files may grow quite large so you need to choose a drive with adequate free space (minimum of 100Mb). The Lite version only needs about 10Mb.

You can use the Browse button (...) to search for a suitable folder for the data.

You can create multiple SiteVigil configurations, so you need to supply a name to identify the settings. To import a previously saved Configuration press the browse button or select it from the drop-down list.

This page also shows the state of the Site Vigil license, you need a valid license before you can run the program. Go to the Licensing Information Page for more information on licenses.

Use the Next button to move on to the next stage of configuration when these fields have been completed.

The Show Help Guide Panel button activates a special online help panel to the right of the wizard screen. This shows a brief explanation of each page as each page is displayed.

See also : Changing the general Configuration

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