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Configuring Site Access

Wizard - Site Configuration

In order for Site Vigil to monitor traffic and errors it needs access to the log files generated by the web server, it does not need to do this if it is just monitoring accessibility of web pages.

There are four site access mechanisms supported by Site Vigil. To access the files using FTP a user account must have been set up by the site administrator. The program does not create or modify the log files in any way, it only needs read access to the folder in which the files are kept. Both standard FTP, passive FTP and secure FTP are supported.

Alternatively, and much more efficiently, Site Vigil can access log files directly if you can access them from Windows Explorer. This will normally be the case if you are hosting the web site yourself.

You need to enter the name of the domain that the log files relate to, this is needed for analysing the log files. e.g. The domain name must not include the subdomain prefix e.g. www.

However, if you are only using Site Vigil for Spider site analysis or web site position analysis you do not need to access the log file and you should choose the last option and press 'Next'.

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