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Monitoring Site Traffic

Wizard - Site Traffic

Traditionally, the only way to keep track of web site traffic is to periodically monitor the web site statistics.

SiteVigil automatically monitors a web site and raises an alert if the web site is receiving a lot more (or a lot less) traffic than normal. It does this by periodically checking the web site log information (a rough guide to the level of traffic).

If you monitor a small site with a very variable amount of traffic select the low traffic option, if a much more even distribution choose the high traffic option. You can fine tune the permitted variance within the

Scheduler's traffic configuration page monitoring options. The wizard simply lets you enable or disable the feature and select a rough measure of the average load on your web site.

In order to build up a profile of traffic SiteVigil will, if this option is enabled, download the most recent few weeks of log files and analyse them. This may take a significant length of time to do, but is only done on the first traffic monitoring scan.

See also : Monitoring level of site hits

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