Site Monitoring

Choosing pages to Monitor

Wizard - Monitoring a Web Page

One important feature of web site management is being aware as soon as web pages (or graphics) on a site are not accessible or have changed.

It is far better to monitor this remotely over the Internet rather than just locally as that allows routing and general Internet problems to be spotted too.

SiteVigil reports any problems accessing pages and also keeps track of how long it takes to access them. An analysis graph is available in the main configuration screen.

To configure a new monitored page press the Add button. A dialog prompts for the monitoring actions for the URL. To change an existing monitored page, click on the entry in the list, and press the Edit button. To delete an entry, select it and press the Remove button. When you add a new page the program automatically checks that the page is accessible.

If you want to check you have selected the correct page, press the Show button to display the page in the default web browser.

See also : Choosing web pages to monitor, Access summary, Uniform Resource Locators (URL)

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