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Watching Individual Resources

Wizard - Watching Resources

If you are administering a site you will often be interested in monitoring the detail of when and who is accessing particular resources (pages or graphics) on the site. This information is generally lost in standard statistical packages as they seek to produce a general overall bland picture of web site activity.

A good example of a resource worth monitoring is the error page on a web site, you'll want to know how often users are being sent to this page.

Site Vigil lets you monitor all the accesses to resources on a site, you may want to do this when new pages are added or moved to guarantee that users are able to easily navigate to them. In order to do this scan you need access to the server's log files.

When enabled it will give basic information about hits to all resources on the web site, if you want more detailed information about each visit (IP address, browser used, referrer) then you need to add the watched resource to the list.

If you don't want to watch any resources select the Do not monitor option otherwise select Monitor and then use the Add and Edit buttons to add or modify entries into the list of monitored resources.

See also : Watch Configuration

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