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Configuring Site FTP Access

Wizard - Site FTP Configuration

To access the web server log files using FTP you need to a user account must have been set up by the site administrator. You must enter the user name and password that Site Vigil can use to access the web site files. The program does not create or modify the log files in any way, it only needs read access to the folder in which the files are kept. Standard FTP, passive FTP and secure FTP are supported.

To enter an FTP configuration you must specify an ftp:// address for the web site host address, typically this will be followed by the domain name, The default port for FTP is 21 and for Secure FTP 22, you may need to change these for the particular server you want to connect to.

Site Vigil needs to understand your log file format in order to monitor the site, to do this you must specify a path on the server to a recent log file (you can use the Browse button to locate one on the remote site using FTP).

Site Vigil can automatically keep a local copy of the server's log files. To activate this option click the archive option and press the Browse button alongside it to select the local folder to receive the log files.

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