Site Monitoring

Configuring Site Log Format

Wizard - Site Log Format Configuration

Site Vigil needs to understand your log file format in order to monitor the site.

Web servers use their own proprietary formats for log files. Site Vigil has a range of predefined formats to match most commonly used systems.

This screen will only be displayed if Site Vigil could not automatically detect a log file format. You can force a particular log format to be used in the scheduler.

If you do not know the log file format then select 'Automatically detect' option and then when you press Next Site Vigil will make sure it can access and understand the format of the log file before you move to the next page.

If you know the log format then you can select the predefined log format option and select the name of the format from the drop down list.

See also : File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Log file Formats, Setting access to a web site

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