Site Monitoring

Checking the whole of a web site

Wizard - Spider Page

If you do not want check a web site select the Do not check option, otherwise you must first give a name for the web site for monitoring e.g. Silurian, MyWebSite.

If you have a web site you will want to know that all the links are functioning, including pages within the same site and also links to external sites. Site Vigil lets you scan a whole site, following all the links it finds until it has built a complete map of a web site. As it scans it keeps track of the speed of access to pages and where all the pages are referenced from.

You can spot if a page is missing from a web site and also if pages or graphics are no longer used (not referenced by any other pages). You need to enter the URL to the page to start scanning from, all the pages should be accessible directly or indirectly from this page.

Select the option for how frequently you want to monitor the web site (monthly, weekly, or daily).

You must limit how many pages to scan, this is necessary to stop overloading very large sites, that may have thousands of pages. The count includes all graphics and external files.

Use the Next button to move on to the next stage of configuration when these fields have been completed.

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