Site Monitoring

Finding a site's position on Search Engines

Wizard - Search Engine Page

Knowing how well you are placed on Search Engines is becoming increasingly important. Being in the top page of results returned can have a dramatic effect on the number of hits to a site.

This page lets you specify whether to automatically check a web site's position on search engines. You will get an alert to tell you when the site changes significantly in its position. It also keeps data about all the sites in the top positions for you to analyse.

If you do not want check the position of a web site select the Do not check option, otherwise you must select the Check option and fill in the remaining field in this screen.

You first need to specify how many search positions to look through for the site, the software will automatically scan the pages needed to scan that number of sites. The keyphrase or keyword is what a user would type in as a search phrase and can be one or more words. If you want to check for multiple keyphrases you can do that by separating each keyphrase with a ',' or ';'. You then should tick the search engines to be scanned. If the search engine you want to scan is not present in the list you can email us to request that it is added to the list. You can download extra definitions without reinstalling the product.

Finally you should specify when to run the check. You should not run this more frequently as once a day as the search position results are unlikely to show a meaningful change in such a short time.

When you have completed filling in the fields, press Next to go to the next page.

To view the results of scans or to change the configuration you should select the Search Pos tab in the main Scheduler configuration window.

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