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Configure customised alert action

Configuration - External Program alert

Although Site Vigil offers a range of actions to alert you to a problem it has found, you can also add your own customised alert handler. All you need to do is provide a command (executable or batch file) that will be executed when an alert is raised. The parameters specified will be passed through to the program and it can then do whatever it likes.

It could, for example, send out a message to a pager or mobile phone. The program should not display any message boxes as this would require someone to be present when an alert is raised to close the message box.

You can pass extra information to the alert by putting some special substitution strings in to the parameters for the command line.

%ALERT_SOURCE%expands to the name of the alert source.
%ALERT_DATE_TIME%expands to the date/time of the alert being generated.
%ALERT_NAME%expands to the descriptive text for the alert
%ALERT_MONITOR_ID%unique identifier of the source of the alert
%ALERT_ALERT_ID%unique identifier of the alert (0 if this is a clear alert)

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