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Configuration - E-Mail Message alert

Sending an e-mail message is often the fastest and most effective way of ensuring someone knows there is a problem with the web sites you are monitoring.

Site Vigil provides two ways of sending out Emails : Microsoft®'s Outlook/Exchange mechanism and Internet SMTP.

SMTP Email support lets you send out mail to Internet recipients only. Your system must allow the SVAlert process access to the Internet to be able to send out mail. To configure SMTP you must provide a valid email Sender's address to act as a reply email address for responses. You can also send an SMS message to a mobile phone or pager. There are two ways that the email can be sent, direct to the receiver's mailbox or using a mail server. With the increasing nuisance of spam, a number of mail servers will reject an attempt to send out email directly, if an email can not be sent direct you should try specify an Sending mail server (the Outgoing mail SMTP server typically specified in Outlook®) to send out the mail.

To use MAPI you must have Microsoft® Exchange or Microsoft® Outlook applications configured use MAPI, so you should be able to use the facility if either of these applications have been set up to run on your PC as the logged in user. If you are using Exchange you will need to set the Identity, otherwise leave it blank. If you protect your e-mail account with a password you need to enter it in the Password box, Site Vigil stores it in encrypted form.

The E-mail addresses for intended recipients need to be filled in the Recipients field. Names must be in the same format as used in Exchange or Outlook.

The Subject and Message will be used in the e-mail alert message together with the alert message string. If the message concerns only one alert the source of the alert will be included in the subject of the e-mail.

The Footer field lets you change the message that is added to the end of all SMS and email messages. If this is field is left blank you will get default information about the SiteVigil version in use.

If you do not have a compatible mail system configured you can use the Configure customised alert action or Configure a web page access feature to call up a program to send E-mail or send an SMS message.

To ensure that you are no bombarded by email alert messages you can specify the maximum number you are prepared to receive in an hour. Once this limit is reached Site Vigil will delay sending out further emails, and combine multiple alert messages together.

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