Site Monitoring

Choosing which errors to monitor

Scheduler - Error Monitoring

Site Vigil defines a default set of rules for filtering errors.

Some reported errors should not be regarded as problems. For example Internet Explorer looks for a special filename favicon.ico for it to display in the browser's history list. If the filename is not present then a 404 error is generated but the browser does not report this as a problem. Similarly you may have renamed or moved a page which is still referred to by some search engines until they rescan the site. You may not want to be repeatedly told about lack of access to these pages.

To specify a particular rule for an error condition, select the error from the drop down Error list and then select the action to take when the error is found.

For each error you can supply an exclusion list that means that a page containing particular text in its name is excluded from the reporting action. For example you may want to be notified on all 404 page not found errors but not for particular pages. To add a new exclusion to the list press Add to delete an entry press Remove and to edit an existing entry press Edit

See Also : HTTP Status codes

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