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Configuring a resource to watch

Monitoring hits on a single page

To configure a resource you want to monitor you need to enter the relative address (Path) within the site's domain. This must not include the protocol name or the domain name. You must then give it a unique name (to identify it in reports).

For example if you had access to the log files for domain and you wanted to monitor the page you should enter just download.htm for the Path. The Analyze button activates the SiteVigil Analyzer which lets you look at the contents of a page on a web site to determine what can be monitored.

Site Vigil monitors the number of accesses to the resource on a weekly basis. It will alert you when the number of accesses per week falls outside the minimum and maximum values you specify in the fields in the dialog.

To complete the changing of an existing monitor press OK to save the changes made. When adding new monitors you can choose to add the monitor and close the dialog by pressing OK or to add it and leave the dialog open to add additional monitors press Add. Cancel closes the dialog losing any changes you may have made.

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