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Configure a web page alert

Configuration - Web Page alerts

Site Vigil can be configured to activate an arbitrary web page as an alert.

The web page can be simply displayed on the screen in the browser or else it could perform some action on a server - write a database report or send an email or update a web page. What the page does is entirely under your control.

The URL is the full specification for the web page/resource to activate on an alert e.g.

If the web page is performing some sort of action you will probably run it hidden so that it is not displayed on the screen.

You can pass extra information to the alert by putting some special substitution strings in the URL.

%ALERT_SOURCE%expands to the name of the alert source.
%ALERT_DATE_TIME%expands to the date/time of the alert being generated.
%ALERT_NAME%expands to the descriptive text for the alert
%ALERT_MONITOR_ID%unique identifier of the source of the alert
%ALERT_ALERT_ID%unique identifier of the alert (0 if this is a clear alert)

You can then pass the alert information to the web page using keywords, e.g. http://www,

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