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Configure an SMS provider

Configuration - SMS provider

Site Vigil can be configured to send out an SMS message when an alert condition occurs. To do this a service must be selected to be used to send out the message. It is used to act as a gateway between the Internet and the mobile phone/pager networks.

Site Vigil has predefined configuration entries for some SMS Providers but you will need to establish an account with these providers before messages can be sent. If you are using an SMS provider that is not listed you can as long as the gateway accepts send requests as HTTP GET or POST requests (most of them do).

Because no single SMS provider provides full worldwide coverage for mobile phones you will need to check which provider is appropriate for your particular requirements.

To set up an account with any of the providers use the Provider Web URL in a web browser, check that the service meets your requirements and then sign up for an account with them.

You can create a new profile for a new SMS Provider or else send the details by e-mail to Silurian Support and we can create a profile for you.

The profile has a number of keywords that needed to be specified, these have different names according to the SMS provider. If a provider needs additional keywords not covered by the specific keywords you can add these in the Additional field.

You can control the format and content of the message that is sent by editing the Message Template. It can contain

%ALERT_SOURCE%expands to the name of the alert source.
%ALERT_DATE_TIME%expands to the date/time of the alert being generated.
%ALERT_NAME%expands to the text associated with the specific alert scheme.
%ALERT_TEXT%expands to the descriptive text for the alert.
%ALERT_MONITOR_ID%unique identifier of the source of the alert
%ALERT_ALERT_ID%unique identifier of the alert (0 if this is a clear alert)

All SMS providers limit the amount of text you can send in a message, this is typically 160 characters. SiteVigil will automatically truncate the message to this length.

Some SMS providers require the information to be issued as an HTTP POST or an HTTP GET. Please check with the service provider as to which option they require.

See also : configure an SMS Alert

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