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Configure an SMS alert

Configuration - SMS alerts

Site Vigil can be configured to send out an SMS message when an alert condition occurs.

For this to happen a request is sent via an SMS Provider Service that operates as a Gateway between the Internet and the mobile phone network.

Site Vigil has predefined configuration entries for some SMS Providers but you will need to establish an account with these providers before messages can be sent. If you are using an SMS provider that is not listed you can configure an SMS Provider as long as the gateway accepts send requests as HTTP GET or POST requests (most of them do).

Because no single SMS provider provides full worldwide coverage for mobiles you will need to check which provider is appropriate for your particular requirements.

Once you have selected an appropriate provider you simply need to fill in the number to send the message to (this will usually need the international dialling code prefix e.g. 39 for Italy, 44 for UK). Some providers allow you to indicate who sent the message - this should be put in the Sender field

To ensure that you are no bombarded by SMS alert messages you can specify the maximum number you are prepared to receive in an hour. Once this limit is reached Site Vigil will delay sending out further messages, and combine multiple alert messages together.

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