Site Monitoring

Selecting the format of the analysis report

Scheduler - Saving monitoring data

Most of the data presented by SiteVigil can be saved away for analysis by other programs.

To save data in a list right click the mouse on a list and select the Report... menu option or access it from the File menu.

The following formats are supported :

CSVComma Separated Values. This format is understood by Microsoft® Excel as well as many other programs. This allows you to generate graphs in a wide variety of formats for the data values.
HTMLThe data can be either saved as a permanent file or presented directly in the default Web Browser.
XMLThe data is saved in a format with an in-place DTD describing the data format. This format can then be analysed by any program understanding XML.

In all cases the column headings for the list are output at the head of the report.

Click on Next or Finish when you have selected the report type you require.

The reporting facility is available for the following data :

Watch monitoringCurrent state of watch monitors for a web site (Pro)
Watch statisticsInformation about pages visited on a web site (Pro)
Watch historyHistorical profile of pages visited (Pro)
Active AlertsInformation about all active alerts
Error monitoringHistorical profile of error reports on a web site (Pro)
ReportsA snapshot of the currently displayed reports
Ping monitoringCurrent state of ping monitors (Pro)
Ping historyHistorical profile of ping monitoring data (Pro)
Referral summaryList of referrals used to reach a site (Pro)
Referral monitoringHistorical profile of referrals from other sites (Pro)
Robot visitsHistorical profile of visits by robots (Pro)
Robot detailsDetails of individual visits by robots (Pro)
Current ScheduleThe time and type of monitoring actions that are configured
Search engine summaryHistorical summary of scans of a complete web site
Search engine detailsDetails of a search engine report
Spider monitoringHistorical summary of scans of a complete web site
Spider detailsInformation about pages visited during a site scan
Spider comparisonChanges detected between two scans of a web site
Traffic historyHistorical profile of level of traffic to a web site (Pro)
Keyword summarySummary of keywords used to reach a site
Keyword detailsDetails of keyword access
Access monitoringCurrent state of access (page) monitors
Access dataHistorical profile of raw data for page monitors
Access historyHistorical profile of an individual access monitor
Page structureA dump of the internal content of a web page

See also : Selecting where to store the report

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