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Configuring a web page to monitor

Scheduler - Choosing the page to monitor

This is the frist step in a series of Wizard generation steps to set up a new monitor on an Internet resource.

To configure a monitored page you must enter its Internet address (e.g. and a name for it (this is used in alert messages and should describe the page). You can optionally add authentication information into a URL, this precedes the domain name and is of the form <user name>:<password>@, you need to provide this information for sites that give a 401 access forbidden error message.

To look at the contents of a page and set up monitors accordingly you can use the Site Vigil Analyzer utility using the Analyze button. The WhoIs gives details about the owner of the domain using a WhoIs lookup command.

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See also : Uniform Resource Locators (URL), Page access checks, Spotting changes to pages and resources

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