Site Monitoring

Ping summary

Scheduler - Ping Summary

This screen shows a distribution graph for a single monitored address.

It notes the current settings for the monitoring including the average and maximum access time.

The IP address shows what the latest DNS lookup for the domain name resolved to.

The ICMP echo reply includes a Time to Live (TTL) value. This indicates the number of router hops that the message has gone through from the source. Normally the packet starts off with 255 TTL value and then each router it passes through decrements it by one.

The graph displays number of hops as (255 - TTL) but some servers may not start off at 255. If the number of hops is erratic or suddenly becomes large this indicates a router problem.

Over a period of time a profile of access time will be generated and this can be used to fine tune the alert level for particular servers.

It also gives a list of recorded events specific to this address (these are also displayed in the main Report Log)

Information about monitoring is given under the Settings, Events and Data tabs at the top of the property sheet.

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