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Showing Domain or IP Address Ownership

General - Who Is information

The Internet provides a general service to allow users to check which company or individual owns a domain name or IP address. This is useful in Site Vigil if you need to track down who is generating a lot of traffic to the web site (may be as a denial of service attack) or you want to trace a new link that refers to your web site.

A number of the screens in Site Vigil have a Who Is button that lets you quickly and easily look up this ownership information.

The information is provided by a large number of different sources depending on the particular domain name or IP address and so the format varies considerably. It is presented as a large scrollable list of information that the server returned. Sometimes this information is unavailable - this is outside the control of Site Vigil.

The information for an IP address often contains a contact email address that can be used to report abuse of the Internet - for example if this address is flooding your site with automated requests.

You can use the Copy button to take the text information and place it in on the clipboard, you can then paste it into another application or place it in a file for later analysis.

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