Site Monitoring

Spotting changes to pages and resources

Scheduler - Inspect page changes

The program will alert you when a resource changes if you enable the page change alert. Often you may want to see what has changed. If you have configured an archive limit of more than one you can look at the automatically archived copies of the data before and after the change.

The list contains information about each saved version of the file. To view the change click on an entry and press View. If you want to see the change in another program select the entry and then select the path text in the box. You can then paste the file path into the open dialog of the application you want to inspect the file.

Note that if you are looking at changes to an HTML page only the page itself is kept not any graphics that might be being used by the page. If you want to spot changes to graphics used within a page then you must put a Site Vigil access scan on each individual graphics file.

Use the tabs at the top of the property sheet to display information about the selected page monitor :Settings, Checks, Statistics, Events and Data.

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