Site Monitoring

Access statistics

Scheduler - Page Access Statistics

This screen shows a distribution graph for a single monitored page and summary statistical information

It also notes the current settings for the page, including the average and maximum time statistics.

The IP address shows what the latest DNS lookup for the domain name resolved to. It also gives the title of the web page that was returned when the page was checked.

Over a period of time a profile of access time will be generated and this can be used to fine tune the alert level for particular pages. The access time will depend on the size of the page unless you select the Header only monitor option. The download speed is the access time (once connected) divided by the size of the downloaded page. Note that the times are for the page itself and do not include the time for any graphics included within it. If the page has last modified timestamp information this is reported in this page.

To look at the information in other analysis packages press Report to generate a report of the contents of the dialog in a variety of different formats.

Use the tabs at the top of the property sheet to display information about the selected page monitor :Settings, Checks, Events, Data and Archive.

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