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Scheduler - Page Monitoring Raw Data

The dialog shows a list of all the recent page monitoring data for the current URL.

Each line gives the date and time of the monitor, the lookup time, connect time, access time, size and the status code returned by the server.

The lookup time is the time taken to find out the server IP address from the domain name in the URL, the connect time is the time taken to make a TCP/IP connection to that server and the access time is the time to read the information from the server.

If a server could not be contacted then a status code of 0 and time of 999.999 is reported. If the monitoring options were changed a special *Changed* marker is added.

If you are requesting that the links from a page are automatically scanned the fourth column Link Failures gives a count of how many links from the page failed for each scan.

To look at the information in other analysis packages press Report to generate a report in a variety of different formats.

Use the tabs at the top of the property sheet to display information about the selected page monitor :Settings, Checks, Statistics, Events, Data and Archive.

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