Site Monitoring

Exploring web sites with SiteVigil

Analyzer - Top Screen

The Site Vigil Analyzer shows a web site's internal structure - how pages are interlinked and what graphics are used to build the web page. It also displays problems it detects with the pages that it analyses. It works in two modes, Analyse mode to show the structure of web pages and Spider mode to analyse a whole web site. Click on the appropriate tab to switch between modes.

In Analyse mode, the pane on the left shows a tree representing the content of the current web page. The pane on the right is a standard Windows® Explorer® display of the selected page.

You can resize the window by dragging the bottom right hand corner with the mouse. You can change the amount of space used by the analysis tree compared to the web page display by clicking the mouse on the divider between them and dragging it to the desired location.

To analyze a page you can type in the URL address in the Page URL box or select from the drop down list or click on an entry in the displayed tree and then press the Scan button.

When a page has been analyzed it organises resources into groups, one for any frames contained in the page, one for links (A HREF tags) to pages within the current site, one for links to other sites, one for any HTML forms (FORM action tags), one for all graphics resources (IMG tags) referenced in the page and finally one for any HTML validation errors it detects for the page.

The analyzer highlights any resources that are currently being monitored by Site Vigil in bold.

To change the monitoring options for a resource, double click on the entry in the tree or click on it and select Details from the menu or the right click details menu.

In Spider mode, the display area is a list of the pages and graphics making up a complete site. Press Scan to start scanning a site. Each resource on the site it finds is added as an entry to the list. To switch to show the contents of a page click with the right mouse button and select Analyse. To stop unacceptable load on web sites, Site Vigil deliberately puts in a delay between each spider request. You can change this delay and the limit on the number of pages to scan by pressing the Options button. For a full description of the fields displayed please refer to the page select Details this information is also accessed from the Details button. The Notes column is used to indicate when the scanning of a page is blocked by the presence of a Robots.txt directive or a META HTML directive.

If you activated the utility from Site Vigil then press the close button on the title bar or use ALT-F4 to shutdown the analyzer and return to Site Vigil.

You can use the Report button to save the analysis data in a number of different ways.

The utility is available when you are Adding or Editing page access monitors within the Site Vigil Configuration Wizard or Scheduler.

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