Site Monitoring

Showing the properties of a page

Analyzer - Page Properties

This property page shows the details for a particular scanned page.

It shows the URL Path used to access the page, any associated title for the page, the size in bytes,

the time the page was last changed (if this can be determined), the time taken to download the page and then the time to download the page including any files it requires to be displayed. Also included is the count of number of links to the page and links coming from the page.

The final entry shows the HTTP Status code returned when the page was accessed.

Click on the tabs to show additional detail about the links to and from the page.

Click on the Analyse button to show the page in analyser mode which will then show more detailed information including any HTML validation errors it found for the page.

Press Report to get a copy of the content of the dialog in a variety of formats.

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