Site Monitoring

Changing the analyzer options

Analyzer - General Options

These options control how the analyzer scans pages.

You can control the maximum number of pages the spider scan will check and the time interval between checking each page.

When scanning a site you can also specify whether links to pages and graphics on other web sites should be scanned or not. If you do not choose this options the external pages will be listed but not checked to see if they are accessible or not. A page is considered external if it has a different domain name. If you have a web site spread over several domains you will need to scan each one individually.

Normally the spider will not download large files such as executable files, if you want to check these files and monitor how long they take to download select the Check download speed option.

You can also select whether the spider scan should use the Query string when scanning. This can greatly increase the number of pages scanned if the query is some sort of database enquiry. You amy want to restrict the scan so that each page is scanned but once.

The browser by default will not check that the referenced elements are all accessible. Use the accessibility of page elementsto automatically check that everything referred to from a web page actually exists.

Use the Errors button to control which HTML validation errors will get reported.

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