Site Monitoring

Changing the reported errors

Analyzer - HTML validation errors

Site Vigil has an option to check an individual web page or a whole site for HTML validation errors.

The program uses a fairly strict definition for HTML and will report a variety of problems on web pages.

Some of the problems may be ones that you are happy to leave, if you want Site Vigil to ignore specific errors then you can specify which ones to ignore in this dialog.

In the Browser the detail of HTML validation errors is shown in Analyse mode as a group labelled Errors.

The first list shows all the currently suppressed errors and warnings and will be initially blank.

To add a new item to the list you need to select the generic error message from the 'New error to add' drop down list. If you want to ignore this error for all HTML tags select the first option, if for a specific one select

the second option and the name of the associated Tag from the drop down list.

The settings apply to all future scans made by Site Vigil but do not apply retrospectively to stored information about previous scans.

If you want to remove an error from the list so that error type will now be reported again select it in the list and press Remove,

Once you have completed making the changes to the settings press Close to exit without making any changes press Cancel

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