Site Monitoring

Status Viewer

Viewer - Description

The Site Vigil Viewer allows the current monitoring status to be viewed externally in a web browser.

It runs as an independent process to other monitoring operations.

It allows you to check the status of your monitoring activities using your web browser. This facility is not limited to a single PC, several people can view this information remotely - as long as your system's firewall and intranet settings permit it.

The operation of the viewer is controlled by the Viewer Configuration Settings page within the Site Vigil Scheduler.

The layout of the monitoring information in the display page is designed to be similar to the Scheduler. To look at the settings in a particular category click on the icon in the left hand pane.

To select a particular item to view click on the link in the display.

Pages will be automatically refreshed to keep the display up to date.

The viewer reports any alerts as they are detected, these are in addition to the ordinary Site Vigil alerts. The alert indication can be cleared by clicking on the Clear button.

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