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Site Vigil Tray Icon

System Tray Icon

The Site Vigil Scheduler is displayed in the system tray.

The icon changes form to indicate what it is currently doing. When active the icon turns into a box with rotating colors to indicate it is actively monitoring web sites. If it is displaying an alert, the icon turns red and a moving yellow box is displayed, however if the alert is a 'clear' alert - indicating a problem is now fixed a pulsating light green box is displayed. On startup it shows a green circle in a cream square, if you have chosen to pause the monitoring for a while then the icon turns grey. At any time you can get a text description of its current state by letting the mouse cursor rest on the icon for a while, it will show its current state and how long before it is due to make another monitoring scan. If the main configuration window is active the icon will change to have a purple center.

When you install Site Vigil you choose whether to set the tray icon running automatically each time you log in. To allow the system time to settle down, the Schedule pauses for a minute before it begins processing the work it is scheduled to do.

To view or change the configuration double click on the SV tray icon or click on it with the right mouse button and select Configure... from the menu. To temporarily pause the scheduler from running any monitoring events select Pause from the menu. To start it monitoring again select Continue from the menu. You can also do this from the Scheduler's File menu.

Select Close to shutdown the scheduler. You can always start the program again by selecting Scheduler from the Site Vigil start menu option.

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