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The full version of InspectExe offers preview of resources within Win32 executables (.DLL or .EXE). It also allows you to quickly identify differences between two executable images at the internal section level and copy the information displayed in property pages onto the clipboard. Detect virus attacks on executables and work out what has changed between two versions of a file. (It has all the facilities of the basic freeware version without the nags to buy the software).

  • Dialog boxes
  • Icons (can be copied to clipboard)
  • Cursors (can be copied to clipboard)
  • Menus
  • HTML resources
  • Keyboard Accelerator Tables
  • Bitmaps (can be copied to clipboard)

Buying the full version costs just $ 12 (£ 8, € 9) and can be purchased over the Internet with full security and the minimum of fuss. When prompted to buy the software, just click on the Purchase button and the browser will take you through a secure credit card transaction to pay for the software. A license to use the software will then be installed on your PC.

Any suggestions, queries or comments contact us by E-Mail [email protected].

Showing a bitmap

Resource BItmap View

Showing a dialog

Dialog List Resource Dialog View