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Search Engine Optimization [Tour 5 of 23]

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Now that Search Engines are the primary way for users to find a site, keeping track of a web site's position in the results list is all important. Site Vigil lets you check the position on all major search engines (Google, Lycos, AltaVista, MSN, Overture. etc.) on a weekly or daily basis alerting you when the position changes. You can check for many search phrases (keyphrases) at the same time.

A separate utility lets you do manual checks and comparisons on other keyphrases whenever you like.

Search Position Monitoring

The picture shows how a web site is doing with respect to one keyword on a whole range of different search engines. Different search engines are giving the same web site a very different prominence, some are not listing it at all.

Our Site Position utility is part of Site Vigil and offers the analysis of web site position on all major search engines. Further information on this functionality is featured later on in the tour.

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