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Upgrading Site Vigil Lite

SiteVigil Pro information   Site Vigil Pro

You have purchased the Lite version of Site Vigil and can now upgrade to the Pro by paying just the difference between the prices of the two products.

The Pro version (click for list of features) lets you monitor one or more web sites detecting unexpected surges or lulls in hits on your web site.

*  Discover page error reports and new references as recorded by your web server.
*  Automate 'ping' tests to check all your servers are running.
*  Lets you spot how often search engines are indexing your site and keep tracks on the most popular keywords and pages on your site.

The configuration and monitoring information gathered with the Lite version are fully upwards compatible to the Pro version. The purchase scheme is just the same as for the original Lite version. Click on the link for more information on the purchasing process link.

The upgrade price to the Pro version is $ 10 or £ 6 or € 7. It offers full functionality, unlimited usage on a single PC and eligibility for free upgrades for one year.

To start the upgrade go to the License screen in the Site Vigil Configuration and click on Purchase.