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Here is a list of some other excellent web sites.

Silurian Geology

From the county where it all started : Shropshire Geological Society
General information about the Silurian (especially U.S.) : Silurian
Trilobite fossils of all ages : Trilobite Showcase
The Silurian as it affected North America : Silurian in America
Take a virtual tour of a Silurian coral reef : Virtual Silurian Reef
Discovering fossils in the UK : Discovering Fossils
Amateur UK geologists : Geologists Society : UK
Fossils from Shropshire : Shropshire Fossil Localities
More Fossils from Shropshire : Silurian Shropshire
Summary of palaeogeography in Silurian times : Handprint Geoevolution
Research into origins of land plants in Silurian times : Silurian Plants
Brief summary of Silurian : Stone Company : Silurian

General Geology

Basic geological information : Berkeley University
Access to a collection of over two million fossils : Paleontological Research Institution : Cornell University
Where the names of Geological periods came from : Names of Systems
A good guide with lots of information : Palaeozoic information

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